Backpack Used to Create 3D Interior Models

A new technology has been developed that lets you easily capture the surrounding area as a 3D model that you can navigate around.

The device comes in the form of a backpack that is loaded with several sensors and cameras that capture a building as you walk through it. Textures are captured with a camera and the 3D model is created from other sensors.

The company envisage that the whole world will be available in 3D if this backpack can be created and used.

The 3D model backpack was created by a Cal Berkeley team led by Professor Avideg Zakhor who wants to make games more realistic. Other uses include the ability to make buildings more energy efficient by more easily recognising problems we assume by using infrared cameras merged with the 3D wireframe and regular textures captured.

The inertial management unit localises the backpack, lasers generate the geometry, and cameras generate the texture map. All three are fused for precise navigation.

Once it’s turned on, there are four cameras taking pictures simultaneously. As one laser looks left, another looking right, one looks at the floor and the last looks at the ceiling.

Watch the video below to see the backpack in action and what can be created with it.

Via: Geeky Gadgets and ABC

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