Autotrader iPhone Application Launched

AutoTrader have launched a new app for the Apple iPhone called the Autotrader iPhone App (UK version) that allows you to capture a picture of a licence plate which is then scanned in by the application to find the make and model of the car. Once done you have access to details on that particular model of car such as how it performs as well as reviews.

Another cool option in the application is the ability to scan through local listings of used and new cars that match the make and model allowing you to find a car nearby.

As well as being able to find reviews, performance details and new/used cars in the local area for sale, the application also gives information on how much the car costs on average around the area.

The application also uses a garage feature allowing you to save cars in the garage to compare and look them up at a later date.

Pictures of other cars in the same range can also be found with the application. The application is free to download and use and is available in the App store now. A demonstration video of it working can be found below.

Via: GajIt

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