Automated Turn Switch off Machine

This is one of the most random gadgets I have seen in the last few years. The device is called the automated turn switch off machine and all it does is switch a toggle switch off every time you try to switch it on. I can’t see any other purpose then perhaps reminding you to switch off all your electronic devices when you are not using them – and that’s really stretching the purpose of it in my opinion.

When switching the toggle switch on the lid opens and a wooden hand type device jumps out and switches the switch off. The device has no micro-controller inside and everything is analogue. Check out the video below.

The device is described in the youtube text as being the most useless machine ever and then goes on to say that everyone still wants one. What do you think? To build your own you can follow the full instructions over at Instructables.

Via: Hacked Gadgets

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