AutoBot Car Connection Kit

The AutoBot is a car connection kit that connects up to the OBD-II port on your car. This particular port has been available on all cars built for about the last 10 years as standard.

When connected up, the AutoBot allows you to diagnose and track problems with your car as well as control various functions (if available) such as locking and unlocking doors, opening windoes as well as track with GPS where abouts your car is parked (or traveling when stolen).

The AutoBot will launch sometime in 2012 and when it does, it will come with an iPhone app as well as a web browser app which allows you to access the details via the internet. The application also provides you with the ability to track historical data such as driving habits as well as the health of your car.

Although its not a new product (as in the first of a kind), other options we have seen in the past have tended to be custom built with them using cell phones to provide the communications whilst the phone is hardwired to a CPU to get the data. This options looks like a far cleaner method.

We’ll look out for it in 14 months time or so when it is expected to launch so we can take a look at what exactly it can do.

Via: ReadWriteWeb

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