Audi Cam Lets you Watch Audi Fix Your Car

If you worry about your car being damaged and handled badly whilst in the garage then you should probably look at becoming a customer of Audi.

Audi is looking to introduce Audi Cam that puts a webcam on the technician who is working on your car so you can watch whilst they work away.

The system will work by using both a camera attached to the technicians head as well as a two-way radio system that allows you to be in contact with the mechanic. While you are in the waiting room having your car worked on the technician can easily ask you questions if he needs to know something about your car like some history for example.

At the same time you can sit and watch a streaming video of the work being performed. The idea behind it all is to give customers peace of mind while their cars are being worked on.

As far as we are aware, Audi Cam will only be available in Europe in the beginning although it might branch out further if it proves to be successful.

Via: AutoBlog

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