AT&T Navigator 1.7i Brings Speech Recognition to iPhone App

The AT&T Navigator app for iPhone has just been updated to version 1.7i. Version 1.7i brings new features to the iPhone and now allows you to use your voice to set a destination as well as switch between apps whilst the Navigator software is running.

The multitasking features work as expected in that you can double tap the home button to bring up the tray of icons and switch to and from the app without losing your location.

The voice search feature is activated by clicking a microphone on the screen. When you click on the mic you simply tell it where you want to go. As well as searching for addresses you can also search for POI.

Traffic cameras also integrated in to the new update of the app. The app gives a voice warning when a camera is around . Also a shake to get a default destination is included where you can pre-program a regular address and then shake the iPhone 4 to automatically load up the route to get there.

Overall, it’s a step in the right direction for the AT&T Navigator software and well worth downloading if you already subscribe.

Via: Techchee and Gadgetlite

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