AT&T Confirm Apple iPhone 4G To Employees – Will Launch June

BGR has a long history of getting things right in terms of getting inside information about new products.

The website today is reporting that the Apple iPhone 4G will be launching in June and not July. Also the information given to them indicates that we would see it earlier in June rather than late June.

The Apple iPhone 4G is expected to be announced at WWDC 2010 on June 7 at the Steve Jobs keynote. With all the leaks that have recently happened, we only really need to know when it will be launched and how much it will cost. If BGR get it right, we could be seeing it shortly after WWDC (if not right away).

We have heard previously that the phone will ship on June 21 although this was also a rumour.

Lots of rumours about everything with the Apple iPhone launch, but all will become clearer in the next 11 days when we’ll get to tie together all the rumours with fact.

Via: BGR


  1. movieman1942 says

    How is ATT going to stick it to us this time ???

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