AT&T add Voicemail to Text for $9.99/Month

att_voicemail_to_textAT&T have announced that they are now offering a voicemail to text service that is capable of converting your voicemails to either text messages or emails (or both). The new service costs $9.99 a month and allows you to save messages, forward messages as text or email and gives you more ways to reply to the sender of the message.

It will be interesting to hear reports of how the service works and what runs in the background at AT&T to convert voice to text and how it will stack up against other options available.

A quick run down of features…
* Receive your voicemail messages as text messages, emails, or both
* Respond how you want call back, send a text, or reply by email
* Forward your voicemail messages to others by text message or email
* Save your messages in your phone or on your computer for as long as you want

More details available at AT&T Via: Rimarkable


  1. Indeed, the competition will be the key… while more and more get gVoice numbers that are free and not only convert for free (in one large email) but will text you also. 🙂

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