AT&T 3G to be used for Plastic Logic’s eBookReader

plastic_logicYesterday we mentioned that Barnes & Noble are to get exclusivity for the Plastic Logic eBookReader. We have now learned that AT&T wireless will also have an exclusive to provide the data for the device so that it can grab eBooks for download.

As well as using a 3G connection the eBookReader also has wireless networking capability built in which can also be used if needed.

The problem with this kind of deal is that you either pay a hefty upfront price for a device and get the data for free, or you pay a cheaper price for the eBookReader but more than likely pay a monthly subscription. Part of me thinks it’s best to get the cheaper model but just not use the 3G service and rely on Wi-fi alone rather then paying the AT&T fees.

No more details are currently available but we do know the eBookReader should be showing up in 2010 at a price as of yet not known.

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