Atomic Floyd TwistJax Earphones Review

TwistJax-fullAtomic Floyd are a premium audio company that create some amazing looking earphones. The latest in their list to be released are called TwistJax and feature a unique twisting section on each earphone to allow them to sit more comfortably in any shaped ear.

The earphones are made of very thin metal which allows for a larger acoustic chamber that further enhances the sound quality. The wires are covered in a nylon surrounding making them pretty much tangle free which is a very welcomed feature. The 3.5mm earphone jack is covered in 24 carat gold to further enhance quality. Overall, an impressive to look at set of earphones that show a lot of potential. Lets see how they perform in the real world.

The TwistJax have an open back design which does leak out sound to those around you. That might not bother you if you enjoy letting the world listen to your music, but is something to be aware of if wanting a loud sound with little leak. Also the TwistJax are quite heavy which for some, might also be a good thing. For me personally, I’m not bothered about the weight as you quickly get used to them. Sound quality is very good in that I could hear heavy bass, good midrange and treble. The earphones are designed more specifically for dance and electronic music and anything with a heavy beat.

Overall an impressive set of earphones but due to the build quality, sound quality and overall quality they do not come cheap at £129.00. If you like earphones that look good, sound good and are built well then these could be a good option for you. Available over on the Atomic Floyd site.



  1. sebastiaan says

    I have the HiDefDrum and i’m incradeble happy whith it. I had around 1000 euros of headphones last 3 years. I’ve no idea why I break these things but the headphone from Atomic Floyd are incredeble well made!


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