ASUS ZX1 – iPhone Killer

ASUS_ZX1A rumour was floating around a few days ago about a new mobile phone built by ASUS and branded by Lamborghini. Only mock up’s were available at the time to show what it could look like. Engadget managed to get a look at the ZX1 over at CeBit recently and I admit that the phone does look quite cool. A number of people have been calling it an iPhone killer which seems to be a popular phrase thrown around these days. The ZX1 runs Windows Mobile 6.1 core which also has a number of ASUS tweaks which we hope makes the interface a little more iPhone esq and streamline. Unsubsidised it will set you back $1500 although expect to see this drop quite a bit on contract. The 3G phone will launch in May around Europe and could be one to look out for.

So will this phone be an iPhone killer? Who knows. It will be hard for ASUS to gain the popularity of the iPhone, but yet, Windows Mobile powers a heck of a lot of devices which added together, in theory, could make Windows Mobile an iPhone killer.

Via: Engadget

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