Asus U / UX Notebooks

asus-uAsus recently introduced a new line of notebooks named the Asus U and Asus UX Series. The emphasis on the new series is design as quoted in the press release… “Each of them a masterpiece so immensely desirable, the U and UX Series takes modern day computing to the streets”.

I’m not too fussed my self about the design of these as long as they look half decent I am ok with that. What I am more interested in is what’s inside and what it can do. The ‘chicklet’ sized keyboard is backlit making it easier to use in the dark and actually does add a little class to the design. As well as the keyboard lighting up, the touchpad does also. The screen measures 15.6″ and is an LED backlit display. Light sensors are used so that the screen can dim in darker situations and lighten up in bright situations. This is quite a handy tool to have as I am often found changing my screen brightness depending on the time of day and varying light levels.

Inside there is an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, an (up to) 500GB hard drive, a dedicated NVIDIA GeForce G 105M that has 512MB of memory and built in Altec Landing speakers which utilise SRS true surround and HD audio.

No details on pricing just yet although with a Core 2 Duo processor and a dedicated graphics chip it probably does bump up the price a bit. Various U models are available over at Amazon.

Via: Asus

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