ASUS Transformer Prime Launch Expected Next Week

We are hearing today that the ASUS Transformer Prime could go on sale as early as next week. The tablet device is an Android 4.0 unit although when it launches, it will likely first run Android Honeycomb until Ice Cream Sandwich is made available.

The Transformer Prime will also be the worlds first quad-core Android tablet when it launches.

Going back to the operating system for a minute. The reason it is believed that it wont ship with 4.0 is that the Facebook page of ASUS announces that it will be upgradeable to 4.0 which hints at it launching with a different version, perhaps Honeycomb.

Other technical specs are hinting at a 10 inch display along with a battery capable of providing 14.5 hours of usage. It is also expected to be slim at 8.3mm.


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