ASUS Transformer Prime has a Locked Bootloader

ASUS has decided to lock the bootloader on the ASUS Transformer Prime. What this means is that a 128-bit encryption stands between developers and the device meaning it is more difficult to install custom ROMs.

If you look back to 2011 and the whole thing with HTC encrypting the lock on the bootloader, the CEO (Peter Chou) personally said that he would ensure all recent and future devices would be left unlocked. This happened thanks to a backlash on the internet of unhappy people.

A thread has started over on XDA developers and we expect it to get the attention of ASUS soon who will hopefully follow HTC and start unlocking the bootloader. Of course, ASUS doesn’t have to follow HTC and they could just say no chance, but when there’s 1000’s of owners all wanting unlocked sometimes the companies just have to give in.

Expect to hear more in the coming days and weeks along with a decision from ASUS about what they plan to do.


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