ASUS N-Series Laptop Unveiled

ASUS have announced their latest laptop range called the ASUS N-Series. The N-Series comprises of three laptops named the N43, N63 and N73 (N73 pictured above).

Each laptop in the N-Series comes with USB 3.0, an Intel Core Processor as well as Bang and Olufsen ICEpower audio. Each of the laptops is capable of full HD on the video side as well as 3D playback.

The Bang and Olufsen side of things increases audio quality making the laptop a full entertainment machine.

The standard amount of RAM on the N-Series is 4GB that we assume can be increased if needed although there will be an upper limit of 8 to 16GB we suspect.

It is unknown exactly what processors are to be found in the N-Series laptops, but we expect that there will be Core i5’s or Core i7’s in there depending on which model you choose. Screen size is also unknown at the moment although from the pictures we have seen they look to be fairly large (hence the entertainment side of things).

Pricing and availability is also unknown at this point. Hopefully we’ll get the full official specification soon.


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