ASUS EeePad to Launch July

Digitimes are reporting today that the ASUS EeePad is to be announced at Computex 2010 that will be running between June 1 and 5. What we are also hearing is that the EeePad could launch as early as July this year.

The ASUS EeePad has been described as a challenge to the Apple iPad by bringing features such as a webcam, USB ports as well as Adobe flash.

As for the impact of tablet PC, Shih expects the device reduce overall netbook demand by 10-2%. The company is also monitoring the tablet PC and e-book reader markets closely to prevent related products stepping into each other’s demand and will maintain flexibility to launch products that suit the fast-changing market demand.

The EeePad will be Tegra-based and according to Digitimes it will cost somewhere between $479 and $510 which seems a little higher than we expected when compared to Eee netbook prices.

We also hear that 300,000 units will ship in 2010.

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