Asus Eee SD Upgrades from Active Media

asus_eee_pc_ssd_updateActive Media have just released a new ranged of upgrades for Eee PC’s. The upgrades are named SaberTooth-S and SaberTooth-SS and boost the storage up to 64GB which will in most cases, make a VERY hefty jump for you.

The new SaberTooth-S/SS drives have access times of up to 155MBps making them quite quick too. The S model is an entry level which gives you the option of a 16GB or 32GB upgrade that comes in the form of a mini PCIe card. These smaller cards have access speeds up to 90MBps read and write of up to 55Mbps. These cost $62.95 and $96.85.

The SS range boosts the speed up to 155MBps read and 100MBps write and come in 3 capacities which are 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. Prices for these upgrades are $82.85, $124.95 and $219.95 making them almost affordable on the higher end.

The upgrades are, of course, 3rd party but are guaranteed to work on the Asus Eee PC S101, 900, 900A and 901 model of netbooks.

Good news is that you can pick them up quite easily from Amazon.

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