eeepct91mt-listing-rm-engIt probably won’t be a surprise for you, but have listed a new netbook tablet with a launch date of October 22… ie, Windows 7 launch day. The netbook tablet launching is the Asus Eee T91MT that’s a multi-touch tablet netbook that has an 8.9 inch screen along with a 160GB HDD.

It is similar to the Asus Eee T91 but rather than the solid state drive of the T91, this one opts for a harddrive instead. Inside you’ll also find the same processor on the T91MT as the T91 had.

The netbook tablet is available in either black or white according to the site and will cost the equivalent of $754.

Unfortunately there are no prices or release dates for UK or US versions of this nice little tablet, but it wouldn’t surprise me if each of them were launched on October 22 with the UK one being the most expensive and the US being the cheapest (as is normally the case).

As soon as we find out more we’ll post the details at gadgetvenue.

Via: Engadget

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