ASUS Eee PC 1001PX Coming to Europe Soon

Just a week or so ago we mentioned that ASUS were launching the ASUS Eee 1001PX netbook computer in two variants.

We now hear that the netbook is heading to Europe for launch. The ASUS 1001PX is an update to the previous ASUS 1001P model. The PX ads a carbon fiber styled lid and drops the glossy screen for a matte look instead making it easier on the eyes when light bounces off it.

Specifications show that the 1001PX has a 10.1 inch screen (no surprise there) that is backlit by LED and runs at a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels. Powering the device is an Intel Atom N450 processor running at 1.66GHz. 1GB of RAM can be found inside. For graphics the 1001PX has the standard Intel GMA 3150 graphics chip set.

Other features on the netbook include a memory card reader that accepts MMC, SD and SDHC cards. Wireless networking is also built in that allows the ASUS netbook to connect at 802.11b/g speeds. A VGA port can be found along with 3 USB 2.0 ports and an RJ45 connector.

ASUS recently announced that their new netbooks will be launching with a USB 3.0 port although it seems that this netbook is a little early to take that on, so perhaps we’ll start seeing netbooks in the coming months with that feature built in.

Pricing is expected to be $326 for the lower sized hard drive model (160GB SATA II) and that model will run Windows XP for the OS. The higher priced version will have a larger battery capacity of up to 9 hours from 6 cells (vs 5 hours from 3 cells) and will run Windows 7 Starter as well as having a larger 250GB HDD. That model will cost $406 when launched in Europe.

Via: Akihabaranews

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