ASUS Eee Pad – iPad Killer?

When Apple created the iPhone it seemed to be the benchmark for what other phones should at least be like. Each time a new smartphone was launched people asked if it would be an “iPhone Killer”.

Of course with the launch of the Apple iPad in a few weeks it seems companies are now wanting to create “iPad Killers”. ASUS are said to be pretty confident with their ASUS Eee Pad creation and believe that the iPad from Apple [AAPL] offers nothing that the Eee Pad cannot achieve. Eric Chen, the VP of ASUS Systems Business Group has said that the iPad is nothing but a big iPhone and due to that, the iPad won’t be able to command the same market share that the iPhone has achieved.

I have to agree that the iPad, although good, doesn’t seem to be open as much as people want. Maybe that’s a good thing though as applications on the iPhone work well, so we can assume the same on the iPad. With a locked bit of hardware and apps designed specifically to do what you want it perhaps cuts down on the clutter of what a Windows based tablet would offer as the majority of available features in a Windows tablet wont get used anyway. With that said, it will be interesting to see what ASUS are able to work on and if they make it usable, sleek with a decent screen as well as fast.

The ASUS Eee Pad is scheduled to ship in Q3 this year after being showcased at Computex.

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