ASUS Eee Pad EP101TC Switched to Android 3.0

The ASUS Eee Pad EP101TC was originally built to run a new operating system from Microsoft [MSFT] called Windows 7 Embedded Compact. Instead, ASUS are now believed to be switching to Google Android 3.0 when it launches.

It is expected that the Eee PC will arrive at CES in 2011 along with the new Android operating system from Google [GOOG].

Right now, the only technical specs we know for the machine show that it has a 10 inch touchscreen, measures 12.2mm thick and weighs 675g.

We hear at the moment that ASUS are testing the Eee Pad running Android 2.2. When it does launch early next year, it is believed the Eee Pad will have 3G integrated.

Via: SlashGear

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