ASUS Eee 1015P and 1015PE get 13.5 Hour Battery

ASUS has announced two new netbooks called the ASUS Eee 1015P and the 1015PE. Each are fairly standard netbooks running the usual Intel Atom N450 processor. The screens on each device measure 10.1 inches and are backlit by LED. The resolution is 1024×600 pixels.

What makes the ASUS Eee 10015P/PE stand-out most though is the impressive 13.5 hour battery life that each model can achieve. Of course the tests that get 13.5 hours will be fairly easy going, but what a 13.5 hour battery life on an easy run means that with WiFi, full brightness and intensive applications you should still get a good 10 hours of usage on a single charge.

Each of the netbooks run Windows 7 Starter for the OS and both netbooks can connect up to Eee storage for an extra 500GB to store files on-line.

Connectivity wise each of the netbooks has 802.11n wireless, Bluetooth 2.1 although there is no built in 3G connectivity.

Memory wise the netbooks come with 1GB of RAM that can be upgraded to 2GB if needed. For storage the usual 160GB, 250GB and 320GB hard drives can be selected.

Other features include a chicklet keyboard, USB connectivity, VGA connector and a memory card reader.

Full details of each netbook can be found over at ASUS here and here for the 1015P and 1015PE models respectively.

Details of pricing and availability are not known just yet. When details arrive we’ll pass them along.

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