Asus E-Book Reader to have Dual Screens

Asus-Eee-ReaderThe Times have suggested that the Asus E-Book that is due out in the next couple of months could have dual colour touchscreens similar to what was prototyped by Asus at CeBIT recently. Also more rumours have now come saying it might actually undercut both Sony and Amazon in terms of price.

It might seem like quite a bold claim from Asus that they could undercut competing products with them also having a 2 screen setup, however, we are talking about a company who got the netbook craze moving forwards along with generally cheaper prices than the competition.

You might wonder why a dual screen ebook reader is needed. Examples could be that one side houses the virtual keyboard or web browser allowing you to scan through newspapers or blogs while sending off emails.

Other features that might be included in the reader could be built in speakers, a microphone and webcam allowing Skype calls to be made across networks.

More details should follow over the next month. Via: Giz and The Times


  1. handheld Ebook Reader says

    The asus has been on my amazon wish list for awhile now, i think after reading this i may have to go buy one!

  2. Monochrome screens only!!! It dies for me.

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