ASUS building Chrome OS Tablet and Windows Tablet

ASUS are well known for making a strong line up of Eee PC netbooks. Various models are available and all come at a very good price. We are now hearing that they might be venturing in to the tablet arena (as in a screened device with no keyboard unlike the ASUS T101MT) with a device similar to the HP Slate or Apple iPad.

They are basically preparing their own iPad rivals that are to launch from what we hear, this year. We also hear that the ASUS Tablet devices will run either Google Chrome OS, or Windows as the operating system and aim to bring rich content to users.

Another possibility is for them to use the Google [GOOG] Android operating system depending on when the official Chrome OS is launched (we believe late this year).

Google are already working closely with manufacturers by specifying certain specs and criteria that devices should meet to run the Google Chrome OS, so it is likely that ASUS are one of the said companies.

We should hear more about ASUS and their tablet lineup over the next few months as it comes closer to Christmas. Due to all ASUS netbooks being relatively cheap we should also see some decent priced tablets on offer for them.

More details from ASUS can be found over on the forbes website as well as Gizmodo.

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