Ask Ziggy Voice Control for Windows Phone Launches

Windows Phone users have another option for voice control today thanks to an app called Ask Ziggy. The new app was created by Shai Leib and can be seen in some ways as being similar to Apple Siri and the Android equivalent. The app lets users use voice to ask the phone questions such as directions, flight status, stock prices, weather as well as calculations and questions.

The app uses a similar layout to Siri in that questions and responses are stored in speech bubbles although that’s really the only similarity in terms of design. Icons and the main design is not imitated.

Voice recognition is provided by Nuance which passes the data on to other algorithms which are then used to calculate what the question actually is and what is the best response to give.

At the moment, there is no official Windows Phone voice app although we expect it to come later on this year with one of the later Windows Phone updates.

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