Archos Android Internet Media Tablet Planned

archos_internet_media_tabletArchos are planning to to release a new Internet Media Tablet that will measure just 10mm thick. The Archos Internet Media Tablet will also be Android based.

The Archos will have a 5 inch high res screen that is also touchscreen. 500GB of storage can be found in there to store your movies and other media files. Archos have promised 7 hours of playback when watching a movie which isn’t bad at all for a single charge and could allow more then 4 movies to be played. With it being an Internet Media Tablet this means that connectivity is needed. 3.5G HSUPA/HSDPA can be found in the device allowing it to download data at an impressive 7.2Mbps.

Overall, an impressive looking device which we should see 3rd quarter this year.

Via: SlashGear

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