Archos 9PCTablet Runs Windows 7 and Possibly Android

The Archos 9PCTablet is an Internet Media Tablet. It is already known that the 9 will run Windows 7, but TG Daily mentioned today that it could possibly come with Android OS installed.

Archos call it a “fully-tactile netbook” although netbook might be a little far fetched considering it doesn’t even have a keyboard. Instead, it has a resistive touchscreen for input which according to some reviews seems to impress.

Archos 9PCTablet Specs

The Archos 9 will run the new Intel ATOM Z515 processor. It will have an 80GB HFF, Bluetooth for tethering (internet access) and it will have 2 antennas that will receive DVBT TV allowing it to function as a portable digital TV.

I’m not sure where TG Daily got the information from, and it could be pure speculation. But, there probably aren’t too many reasons why it couldn’t run Android as an operating system.

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