Appointment Slots Added to Google Calendar

Google Calendar gives users the ability to share calendars and schedule appointments in each others calendar. A new feature has been rolled out called Appointment Slots which allows a person to set up times that he is available in his calendar. A second user can then fill the appointment slots up as needed.

In the past, letting someone know your availability was done by email/phone/chat, but now you can easily put your availability in the calendar so that others can use it.

The good thing with appointment slots is that you are not just restricted to the one user being able to manage the appointments for you. All you need to do as a person or business is define those slots and let your customers fill them up as needed. A Dr could open up a bunch of slots throughout each day and then let patients enter a time what suits both of you.

For businesses, Google allow you to embed the appointment slots on your own website so that users can visit and book a time.

When a user signs up to an available slot, Google creates a shared event on both calendars.

Google indicate that the service is already rolling out although we were unable to access it when testing. We expect to see it any day now though.


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