AppleCare Reps Get OS X Mountain Lion Early

Apple will be launching the next version of OS X Mountain Lion within the next week or so. Some are hinting that it could arrive this Wednesday. In preparation for the launch of the new operating system, it appears that Apple has been seeding the new version to AppleCare reps within the company. The reason for this will be so that they can become familiar with the operating system so that they can provide support on the day of launch.

AppleCare staff have had access to the software via a remote desktop solution although the above image now indicates that they are allowed to download it on to home or work computers in order to test it. To do that, each AppleCare rep is given a redemption code which can be pasted in to the Mac App Store which will initiate the download.

As for the launch, the latest indicate that overnights will be happening on July 24th (tomorrow night) and that on the 25th the download will be ready. 9to5Mac points out that they are simply putting two and two together rather than hearing inside information. But with the redemption codes going out to staff and the GM version being released to developers recently, it certainly means that the OS X Mountain Lion launch cannot be too far away.

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