Apple Working on Replacement for Adobe Flash

It will come as no surprise that Apple [AAPL] dislike Adobe Flash and that they will more than likely never allow it on the iPhone OS. Steve Jobs went as far as publishing a long letter as to why Apple will not work with Adobe Flash.

We are now hearing that Apple are working on their own Flash replacement. This isn’t the HTML5 used for video, but an actual flash replacement called Gianduia that Apple has been working on for a while and long before these iPad and no flash support arguments started.

Although it is unclear what exactly Gianduia will do, it is possible that this is one of the reasons why Apple do not allow flash on the iPad and iPhone devices… ie, they are already working on their own replacement.

Gianduia was first introduced last year at WOWODC, and more information is expected about it perhaps next month. It has been described as “a client-side, standards-based framework for rich Internet apps.”

Via: Geeky Gadgets and Apple Insider

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