Apple Updates iPhone 4S Shipping Status – Delivery Expected Tomorrow (UK)

Apple in the UK has begun shipping the iPhone 4S to customers and currently is giving an estimated delivery date of tomorrow, October 14.

Earlier today on various forums there were a number of people complaining that Apple hadn’t updated the status of the order and that they were going to be late and that they had been lied to. Anyway, time to calm down. If you pre-ordered within the first few hours of them going live last week (and it said it ships October 14) then that is the date you should get it. If you ordered later on in the day (lunch time and after) then your updated order will probably give a date between the 20th and 27th October.

To check when yours will be arriving, check the email you were originally sent with the order number. Click on the order number and the information will be updated as above (unless yours hasn’t shipped yet).

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