Apple TV Teardown

The next generation (2nd gen) Apple TV started shipping in the last few days. iFixit of course, managed to get it’s hands on one and has already taken it apart to see what exactly goes on inside.

The new Apple TV is far smaller than the original version that launched a few years ago. It runs iOS and is based around streaming content rather than storing content locally on internal memory.

Interesting information found about the Apple TV when tearing it down reveal that it has 256MB RAM just like the new iPod touch and iPad. The device also uses the same A4 processor package as is found in the iPad.

Other interesting finds reveal that it has an 8GB flash chip inside. iFixit comment that for a $99 device, its actually quite amazing how much it can store inside. Of course, if streaming a HD movie the buffer will take up a chunk of that. Rather than being used for storage, it looks to be more of a cache setup for when films and shows are streamed.

Indications reveal that a higher capacity model could be launching eventually as there is actually an empty second slot for more memory to be added.

Panasonic supply the Wireless features of the device. This is the first time Panasonic has been used for anything but the optical drives on other devices.

On the WiFi board, a Broadcom chip is found which is identical to the one found in the iPad.

Overall its quite an impressive, but intriguing device that looks to share many of the features of Apple [AAPL] devices.

Full teardown can be found at iFixit.

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