Apple TV Refresh Could Be Announced Alongside New iPad

Apple could be about to refresh the Apple TV. By saying Refresh, I mean that it could be another set-top box that is launching rather than a full Apple TV that has been rumoured for the last few months. That particular model is still about a year away if rumours are to be believed.

The reason for the speculation is that stock shortages in many stores are being reported as well as delays of 2 – 5 weeks in some locations. This behaviour normally indicates that Apple is slowing down production of the older model and is preparing to launch a new model.

The iPad 3 is also expected to be announced in the next month, perhaps early in March. It is possible that we could see an iPad 3 and Apple TV announcement at the same time. With the iPad 3 expected to have a retina display, the new Apple TV will likely support 1080p HD films. The current version supports 720p at the moment.

Other details supporting the rumour of an Apple TV 3 includes some references found in a beta version of iOS which hint at a new model called the AppleTV3,1 which is a new reference not used before.

The iPad 3 will stand out alone on just a quicker processor and retina display, but adding content and the ability to transmit 1080p content to an Apple TV will further boost sales for Apple.


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