Apple TV Jailbreak Possible with GreenPois0n

When the GreenPois0n iOS 4.1 jailbreak was getting ready to originally launch a couple of weeks back, it was due to use the SHAtter exploit. With Geohot quickly jumping in with Limera1n it caused GreenPois0n to change from SHAtter to using the same exploit Limera1n did.

We now see a picture of an Apple TV jailbreak running that shows GreenPois0n running. It is believed that it isn’t ready for a 1-click install just yet, but shows that its possible.

Of course the main problem is that we now need the clever people to figure out why you need to jailbreak the Apple TV and what can be done with an Apple TV jailbreak. Perhaps integration with the iPad or iPhone to use those devices as games controllers could be an option.

Via: 9to5Mac Picture Credit

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