New Apple TV iOS Can Be Jailbroken

Apple [AAPL] announced the new Apple TV a few weeks back and at that time, said it would be shipping soon at the end of September.

What we have learned about the device is that it could run iOS for an operating system thanks to a few details spotted in a configuration descriptor on another iOS device.

The Apple TV doesn’t run the regular springboard application that you see on other iOS based devices, but it could still be possible (if it runs iOS) that some form of jailbreak could happen.

The only problem with jailbreaking the Apple TV is that it lacks storage as all content is streamed. If hackers do find it runs iOS and do decide to jailbreak it then they will need to come up with some smart method to make it actually useful.

Apple will start shipping the new Apple TV at the end of this month. It will have a price tag of $99.

Via: TUAW and Geeky Gadgets

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