Apple Tablet Rumours Begin Again

apple-tabletNow that the new range of iPods have been officially announced it’s time to get back to the rumours of the Apple Tablet. The latest is that industry sources have said a new 9.6″ multitouch screened tablet from Apple will be on it’s way February 2010 and will include built in HSDPA along with a decent battery for keeping the thing running for a decent amount of time.

A PA Semi processor is to be used and the price tag will be somewhere between $799 and $999. Shipments of the Apple Tablet are said to get to Apple for December ready for the launch a couple of months after that. For the battery, DynaPack are reported to be creating 300,000 per month and Wintek are said to be creating the screens.

So far, it’s just rumours although they come from a fairly decent source. Lets see if we hear anything official by the end of the year which isn’t too far away now.

Via: Engadget

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