More Apple Tablet Details Revealed by WSJ

WSJ have created a list of what can be expected in the Apple iSlate or iTablet or whatever it will be called. The tablet will come with the ability to be shared with several members of a household and could possibly use facial recognition to adjust settings according to individual needs. If it is cloud based then each user will get their own files when logging in.

Other information reveals that an on-screen keyboard will be used for text entry. That particular point is an obvious one really with any sort of tablet device. The tablet will focus on content for old media such as text books, news and TV putting them all in your hand while on the move.

Talks with the NY Times, Conde Nast and HarperCollins have been mentioned for providing content. A TV subscription could be built in to the tablet with content coming from CBS and Disney with 4 – 6 shows being packaged in the price.

Games could be seen from EA who have been working with Apple on creating games for the Tablet device. Also for search it appears that Google will be dropped like we mentioned yesterday in favour of Bing.

It will certainly be an interesting announcement next week!

Via: SlashGear

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