Apple Tablet Delayed till 2H10

apple-tabletMore rumours are here today about the Apple [AAPL] tablet that was rumoured to be launched early next year. Reports are now saying that the tablet will move back to the 2nd half of 2010.

Reasons for the delay are due to some changes being made to some of the components which includes a 9.7 inch OLED display built by LG.

Two models have been mentioned which include a 10.6 inch TFT LCD display while a 9.7″ OLED panel will also be made available as mentioned above.

The only concern with switching to an OLED panel is the current cost as a laptop/netbook/tablet type device often has the screen taking about 1/3 of the cost of the device. Given the 9.7″ OLED displays currently cost $500 each, that means an Apple Tablet with the 9.7″ OLED screen could cost in the region of $1500+ if launched today. With the rapid drop in OLED prices though, a 2nd half launch of the OLED tablet could bring costs down to a more acceptable level.

Prices 2H next year could see the tablet drop to $1,200 – $1,500 bringing the retail cost to about $2000 making it still ridiculously expensive, but with bundled in 3G dataplans from network providers perhaps we can expect a good chunk of that taken off in subsidies.

Although all just rumours and speculation, it is interesting to see where Apple might be headed with the tablet.

Via: DigiTimes


  1. Apple Tablet says

    That’s to bad I was hoping to see for the holidays.

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