Apple Store v2.0 Arrives in the App Store

A new version of the Apple Store app has launched today which brings EasyPay and Personal Pickup options to the user. What these do is make the whole shopping experience that little bit easier when going to visit an Apple store.

Personal Pickup is an option that allows you to reserve and pay for a product through the app and have it ready to collect from your designated store within 12 minutes of placing the order. To give a bit of perspective on how that will be good… think of the commuter who is in a rush. The buyer can simply order en route and have the product ready and waiting within 12 minutes so it can be quickly collected and queues avoided.

EasyPay is another function added to the app. This has been described as some as EasyTheft as it simply lets you pick the product you want and then pay for it via the app rather than dealing with a sales rep.

As can be seen in the image below, the app provides feedback for the exact store you are located in. It tells you how long for the next Genius Bar appointment and also lets you track the progress of orders. A screenshot can be seen below:

The app is available now to download (or update), but the new features are only available in the US at the moment.


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