Apple Store Goes Down – New iMacs Incoming?

We have been hearing rumours the last few days that a new iMac could be launching soon along with a few other products. The rumours started last week when stores were told to let their iMac stock deplete.

Yesterday, John Gruber of daring fireball said…

We’ll have much to talk about, what with the new Mac Pros (finally, right?), speed-bump iMacs, and the gorgeous new 16:9 27-inch Cinema Display that Apple might hypothetically release tomorrow. UPDATE: Doubly-hypothetical, but who knows, maybe even that desktop multitouch trackpad device I first mentioned last October, too.

We expect the store to open within the next hour, usually around 1:30pm in the UK, so at that point we’ll have a good look around and see what Apple has to offer.


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