Apple Store App gets iOS 4 Updates Including Retina Support

Apple [AAPL] has updated the Apple Store app in the app store. The latest update brings it more in line with the iPhone 4 and iPod touch in that it supports the Retina Display now.

As well as supporting the higher resolution screen, the app store app also supports iOS 4 quick-app-switching allowing you to jump in and out of the app when needed and carry on where you left off.

Other features include various bug fixes as well as a few minor changes.

Remember though that this app is not available in most locations (other than the US), so if you are out side the US, don’t bother trying to install it as you wont be able to load it up the details in the app store.

There is still no iPad support for the app which makes us think that Apple just expect iPad users to use the browser when searching through the Apple Store.

Via: 9to5Mac

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