Apple SMS Security Fix Complete

Apple-iPhone-SMSApple have now fixed the iPhone’s SMS security flaw. This fix secures the phone from a remote attack that could have been exploited. The patch is available via iTunes update.

If you are unaware what the vulnerability is on the iPhone then read on. Last week a couple of researches found out that by sending an iPhone a string of text messages that it could give them access to your iPhone. The text messages sent included executable code which was embedded in the iPhones memory opening it up for remote access.

To avoid this happening to your iPhone it is suggested that you update your phone with a new software security patch which shuts down this loophole making things safe again. To do this you just need to connect up your phone to iTunes by syncing it at which point the patch will become available.

Apple has acknowledged the potential seriousness of the problem, but doesn’t believe it was ever a real world problem for its users. ‘We appreciate the information provided to us about SMS vulnerabilities which affect several mobile phone platforms,’ it said in a statement. ‘Less than 24 hours after a demonstration of this exploit, we’ve issued a free software update that eliminates the vulnerability from the iPhone. Contrary to what’s been reported, no one has been able to take control of the iPhone to gain access to personal information using this exploit.’

Via: T3

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