Apple Ships Near Final Build of iOS 5 to Carriers

Carriers around the world are beginning to receive an almost finished version of iOS 5 for testing purposes. One of the main differences with this version is that it’s further on than the current iOS developers (beta 7) update and is believed to bring text-to-speech technology to the OS.

As well as enabling text-to-speech for the carriers to test with, FaceTime over 3G is also believed to be a part of this update. Instructions provided to the carriers has hinted that this is a priority function for them to test.

Although text-to-speech hasn’t made it to the regular developers release of iOS 5, it is believed to be in final stages as it is said to work extremely well. CultofMac points out:

However, it’s worth noting that although these features are currently present in this build of iOS 5 for testing purposes, neither of them are guaranteed to make it into the first public release.

With carriers getting the almost final version of the OS we expect that the official release date is not far off now. Some have hinted at September and others October. All will be revealed within the next few weeks.

To see an example of how text-to-speech is said to work, take a look at the Android video below (of which it is very similar apparently).


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