Apple Could Sell over 4 Million MacBooks This Quarter

Estimations from the NPD Group indicate that Apple [AAPL] could sell over 4 million MacBooks this quarter. The expected total should fall somewhere in the region of 4.1 to 4.3 million by the end of December.

The new MacBook Air is expected to contribute a good chunk towards those numbers although the exact share isn’t known at the moment.

If the 4.1 to 4.3 million sales mark is met, that will represent about a 22% to 28% increase from last year.

As well as shifting 4 million MacBooks, Apple is also on track to sell somewhere in the region of 18.5 million to 19.5 million iPods during the current quarter.

Via: BGR


  1. CharlieAngel says

    No it will never happen !!!!!!!

  2. Apple Turnover says

    Apple will likely sell a lot of Macs but it’s not going to help share price any. All Apple has to do is miss one number and the stock will sink like a stone. The analysts have pumped Apple up in the stratosphere and it will impossible for Apple to meet any expectations. Another blowout quarter, another $4 billion in reserve cash and the stock will again go down. This stock is going to be hyped out of existence. Investors have no interest in this stock at all. They don’t trust it. It’s too expensive for individuals. Only hedge fund managers will buy Apple and will control this stock completely.

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