Apple Could Roll Out ‘Joint Venture’ Service

Apple [AAPL] has scheduled a staff meeting for retail employees to be held on February 27. Attendance at the meeting requires that all staff sign an NDA from what sources say.

What can be expected at this meeting is that Apple could announce Joint Venture which is a service that could bring Apple Geniuses in to the homes of prosumers as well as to small businesses. The service would also be offered one-to-one over the phone if needed.

The Genius Bar system currently works on an appointment basis where you select a time to visit the Apple store and then can discuss problems in store. No consultations, support or service is provided out of the Apple Store although with Joint Venture, this could change a lot.

What we are likely to find out in the coming months is exactly what you get with the service and how you get it, and of course, how much it costs. We suspect it will be part of an advanced monthly subscription based service where you pay a certain amount per month and get a certain number of visits being allowed.

When we find out more, perhaps on Sunday evening, we’ll let you know more details.

Via: BGR

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