Apple Reveal More Details About OS X Lion

At WWDC yesterday, Apple revealed more details about OS X Lion as well as when it will launch and how much it will cost. The OS will launch in July and will cost $29.99 for those updating from Snow Leopard. This makes it about $100 cheaper than previous major updates.

As well as costing less, OS X Lion will only be available as a download. When it launches, you’ll be able to get it from the App Store on the Mac and download, install and not have to reboot.

When the OS is installed, you’ll get access to a number of iOS inspired features such as multi-touch gestures. For those with a multi-touch pad there are six gestures available to use which include swiping up the trackpad with three fingers to reveal Mission Control, scrolling, pinch to zoom as well as several others.

Full screen apps are also available in OS X Lion. Apps get a small icon on the top right that can be clicked and when done, they jump to full screen and then can jump back by clicking again. When in full screen mode, you can swipe left or right with three fingers to jump between open apps.

OS X Lion launches next month in the App Store for $29.99. More details can be found at Apple.

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