Apple to Remove Rate on Delete on iPhone OS

When deleting applications on the Apple iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, you are presented with a message whereby you can give the deleted application a rating. When prompted by the message you have two options… either to rate or not rate the application.

This rating feature on app deletion was added on iPhone OS 2.2 but a problem has now been spotted with how this actually works. The rating system it’s self works in a technical way as in, you give it how many stars you want out of and the rating is recorded and averaged out to give a result… but the problem is that people more often than not, delete applications when they are unhappy with it… meaning the ratings of apps can be skewed towards the lower amount of stars as those who are happy with the app wont delete it and wont be prompted to rate it.

It is unclear at the moment if Apple [AAPL] will re-do the rating system to make it more fair for app developers. Maybe we will start seeing pop-ups in apps asking for a rating.

Either way, when iPhone OS 4.0 is released, we’ll see this particular method of capturing a rating dropped.

Via: MacRumors

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