Apple Releases OS X Mountain Lion Developer Preview

Apple [AAPL] has released a developer preview of the next version of OS X. The latest version will be called OS X Mountain Lion. The aim of Mountain Lion is to bring closer together iOS and OS X. It is numbered version 10.8 although no pricing or release date has been revealed yet.

The items that bring the OS closer to iOS include more integration with iCloud which will allow users to more effectively manage files across devices although the key with iCloud is that it manages everything for you. Basically, you can expect a more seamless integration across apps and devices.

Messages will arrive on Mountain Lion which will allow them to be sent from iOS or OS X with all devices also synced together.

Reminders, notes and various other apps will be added to OS X. We also hear that some naming conventions from iOS are being ported to OS X in that iCal will be now called Calendar and Address Book will become Contacts etc…

Remember that OS X isn’t iOS, but that the integration of the two operating systems will be closely knit together allowing for a similar experience on the desktop to the smartphone and tablet device.

We expect a release date of this year and also believe it will launch in the App Store just like Lion was made available for download.


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