Apple Release OS X 10.7.2 – iCloud Integration Included

Apple has made an update for OS X available which brings iCloud support to the desktop. iCloud is a new service by Apple that lets you store all your content online (in the cloud) so that you can access it from any device.

To get iCloud support in iOS you need to update to iOS 5. For those who want that support to extend to the desktop you’ll also need to install the latest Mac OS X Lion update which was made available yesterday. The version is 10.7.2 and once installed you can then configure it to keep your photos, apps, music, books and other items all in sync.

To activate and configure you’ll need to log in with your Apple ID when prompted (or go to the iCloud settings in preferences). When there you can select what you want to sync with the cloud.

For iPhoto users you can click to enable Photo Stream in the program although it requires iPhoto 11 (v9.2 or above) to function.

To enable music, books and other features you’ll need to go to the Store Preferences in the Preferences menu of iTunes 10.5. At this point you can click to enable those features that you want to keep in sync with the cloud.

I have yet to fully test iCloud out other than basic backups and restores while using the beta. Both backup and restore worked without fault and did exactly what they were supposed to do. This is the key with iCloud… Apple is making it sit quiet in the background so you know your data is backed up but don’t have to worry too much about managing the data that’s in there.

More details at Apple.

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