Apple Reducing Reliance on Samsung – Purchases Flash Memory from Japan

A report by Digitimes today indicates that Apple is moving away from a reliance of Samsung parts. In particular flash memory was mentioned. Over the last year it is believed that Samsung has supplied the majority of parts for the iPhone but due to a number of court cases happening around the world between the two companies it seems that Apple is moving away from the company.

The new suppliers are believed to be in Japan and includes Toshiba and Elpida Memory of which both will provide DRAM and NAND flash for Apple.

“Apple has moved to reduce its reliance on memory supplies from Samsung Electronics, the sources claimed,” the report read. “The vendor has procured more NAND flash parts from Toshiba, and mobile RAM from Elpida, the sources indicated.”

Samsung also supplied the A series of processors for the iPhone and the iPad although it is believed an agreement between Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. was made which also cuts Samsungs share of the deal down. The new company will be supplying processors to Apple over the next couple of years.

Estimates show that Apple has purchased 7.8 billion dollars worth of parts which was an increase of almost 2 billion for the year before.

Will this effect anything you see? Probably not although with more suppliers on-board it might be easier to get an iPhone at launch in the near future.

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